Simple, quick, easy to use, 100% sterility of butcher knives, saves 1,065 litres of water per working day and work stations, enormously time-, energy- and cost-saving, hard-wearing and reliable

Dino STERICUT - Dimensions

length 30cm
depth 18cm
height 36cm
weight 8kg

Results achieved during real-time use from March 1 - 30 June 2007:

On 19 butchering days during 10 hours per day for 7,394 slaughtered animals (beef + veal) with 13 Dino STERICUT devices

Water consumption:
with the conventional method 331,220 litres

consumption with Stericut only 8,502 litres (consumption of 1,14 litres per animal)

Water saved: 322,718 litres per month

Information with respect to trademark law

Utility model and patent protection by patent office Munich
no: 10 200 702 9282.3

The trademark STERICUT is registered under
no.: 307 55 132.6/07