We react quickly to your individual needs.

DINO Bremen is one of the leading manufacturers of electric steam boilers. DINO achieved this position not by company size, but through the efforts of highly motivated employees who always focus on the customer's needs in their work. This is why our engineering company has been successful on the international market for more than 50 years.

In addition to electric steam generators, DINO is also setting standards with respect to distillation equipment and steam superheaters. Sewage treatment systems, water treatment plants, heat exchangers, condensate collectors, drinking water and fuel tanks, sludge tanks and steel and stainless steel constructions out of tubes and sheet metal complement our portfolio.

Since our company was established in 1960, we have delivered more than 25,000 boiler systems to over 140 countries. Our staff manufactures products according to the individual requirements of the customers, while preferring environmentally friendly technology.

It is not without reason that DINO with its high-quality products is a well-known and successful partner and consultant all over the world.